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Global Aerospace interior sandwich panel Market Highlights
Release time:2021-02-23 16:28:12 Click:1913

According to the data of Stratview Research, global aerospace interior sandwich panel market provides a healthy growth opportunity with compound annual growth rate of 5.5% during forecast period 2017 - 2022, and estimated to reach US $1.6 billion in 2022. The report's authors point out that main commercial and regional aircrafts that are going to increase productivity are B737, B787, A320, A350XWB and C series. Commercial and regional aircrafts to be launched are COMAC C919 and Mitsubishi MRJ. Due to introduction of strict government regulations related to fuel consumption and emission reduction, demand for lightweight and durable products for interior applications is increasing; technological progress; scale of global aircraft fleet is expanding;  awareness of improving passenger experience is the main driving force for market growth.

Research results show that narrow body aircrafts are expected to remain a large part of sandwich panel market in aerospace with interior applications during forecast period 2017 - 2022, while wide body aircrafts may experience higher growth during this period, driven by growing demand for B787 and A350XWB in developing economies such as China and India. Demand for wide body aircraft in the Middle East is also healthy.

For core material types, Nomex honeycomb has been a perennial choice for a wide range of internal applications in aerospace industry. All major aircraft types, including narrow and wide body aircrafts, heavily rely on this unique material. Nomex honeycombs have many advantages over competitive materials, such as lightweight, excellent stiffness and strength, good corrosion resistance, good fire resistance, good thermal stability and excellent dielectric properties.

According to the study, North America is expected to remain a large aviation interior sandwich panel market during forecast period. Most aircraft manufacturers have production and assembly plants in North America. In addition, all major sandwich panel manufacturers operate in the region to support OEM in developing advanced products that meet emerging airline requirements. However, Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve higher growth over the forecast period. Large scale of commercial aircraft fleet; gradual transformation of OEM manufacturing / assembly plants; upcoming local commercial and regional aircraft, such as COMAC C919, ARJ21 and MRJ will continue to promote development of Asia Pacific market in the next few years that is driven by increase of passenger flow.



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