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Five advantages of aluminum honeycomb composite materials
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Aluminum honeycomb composite (also known as aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum honeycomb plate) is a kind of composite material in production of which used multi-layer aluminum foil and high-strength adhesive to form regular hexagonal honeycomb structure after foil pressure overlapping and stretching. It is mainly used in civil construction, ships and vehicles interior and as aerospace materials.

On the market commonly used aluminum foil honeycomb material from alloy 3003/H24, thickness 0.03-0.06mm, tensile strength is over 280Mpa, and elongation is about 3%. Its main advantages are as follows:

(1)Light weight. Standard plate weighs only 16 kg/m2, which is equivalent to 6mm thick glass and only 1/5 of same thickness stone weight.

(2)Impact resistance. Impact strength is 10 times greater than strength of 3mm thick granite, solid piece material is not broken after impact, only part of direct impact is damaged. After 120 cycles of acid freeze-thaw test (-25 ~ +50 ℃), its strength does not decrease at all, so it is a good decorative material for high-rise buildings.

(3)On the surface any kind of stone can be used for decoration. Stone can be treated in any way to ensure color difference, cracks, etc. are reduced to minimum.

(4)Easy installation. Products are easy to install, it’s also possible to implement pre-install without specific tools or equipment in accordance with customer's requirements. Individual modules are suitable for installation of combined unit curtain wall. As weight of material is greatly reduced, common adhesive can easily fixe panels on the wall, installation is simple, auxiliary materials are less, time and labor are saved, and installation cost is reduced.

(5)Good sound and heat insulation. After testing, sound insulation and heat insulation, effect of honeycomb plate is better than effect of natural stone plate with thickness of 30mm. Specification of stone aluminum honeycomb composite plate can be customized. Specification of standard plate is 1200mm x 2400mm with general thickness 20mm. Thickness of stone is 4mm, thickness of aluminum honeycomb is 14mm, thickness of high strength intermediate layer and adhesive is 2mm.

Natural stone plate can be made of marble or granite. One side of aluminum honeycomb plate is covered with high-strength glass fiber film, the other side is coated with epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive is evenly coated with glass fiber film, and then stone layer is put on. Process is repeated with stone plate to form a sandwich panel structure.

Aluminum honeycomb composite materials have all above-mentioned advantages, its demand is expanding and diversifying. It is widely used in building decoration for curtain wall, furniture, automobile and shipbuilding, high-speed trains, aviation, energy sphere and other fields. Its market demand will gradually increase in the future. With coming rapid development of transportation and construction industries, application prospect of aluminum honeycomb composite panels is very promising.



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