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Shipyards and Shipbuilding

Honeycomb cores and panels are used in shipyards to reduce the weight of structures, fixtures and furniture, while maintaining the integrity and mechanical properties. The panels can be used in many applications: partitions, interiors, furniture, ceilings, and floor systems for engine rooms.


Welding of honeycomb panels let fire protecting performance of ships cabin interior reach new level. This method ensures fire-proof interior products without harmful emissions and smoke, at the same time it  provides 45 min fire resistance of roof, floor and sidewalls that guarantees safety of passengers.  Aluminum honeycomb panels extend life cycle of interior decoration products and ships, greatly shorten maintenance cycle of ship interior and reduce total costs of maintenance. Moreover, welded honeycomb composite panels can be recycled after ship is scrapped, which still has high residual value and can bring benefits ship companies.


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