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Railway Sector

In the railway sector, BEECORE lightweight panels are used as partitions, ceilings, floors, bulkheads, tables, etc. These lightweight panels are generally composed of three layers: a core in aluminium or aramid honeycomb bonded with two skins either in aluminium, high pressure laminate or fibreglass.

HPL Aluminium Honeycomb Panel obtained Class HL2 for R1 according to the norm UNI-EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015.

组 1.png组 1 拷贝.png组 1 拷贝 2.png

Railway transport

Honeycomb panels for railway transport

As an important lightweight material, aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used for aviation industry and railway transport such as TGV-series in France and ETR-series high-speed trains in Italy.


Product features:

• Light weight, high strength and high bending rigidity

• Smooth surface resistant to deformation

• Excellent corrosion resistance, high insulation property and environmental adaptability

• Specific elastic design allows absorb vibration  and has good noise reduction effect

• A-class fire protection product complies with UIC564-2-1991 International Combined transportation fire protection standard

Smoke density meets international fire protection standard for high-grade railway trains


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