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Building Industry

In the building industry, BEECORE sandwich panels are used for claddings, floors and ventilated facades in addition to decorative uses. 

Construction and Decoration

Aluminum honeycomb curtain wall 

In the field of construction materials aluminum honeycomb panel is known as best option for curtain wall cladding products. It adopts roller-coated aluminum coil, rock surface fireproof board, artificial marble, aluminum honeycomb is used as core. BEECORE also provides sandwich panels with special cold and hot lamination technologies. Due to its special honeycomb structure, wind pressure resistance, shock absorption and flatness sandwich panels show better qualities in comparison with aluminum plastic panels or pure aluminum panels.

Product specification

• Surface plate: aluminum plate 0.5-1 mm

• Surface treatment: PVDF / PE

• Core material: aluminum honeycomb core

• Dimension: as a request

Other specifications can also be customized

组 1.png组 1 拷贝.png组 1 拷贝 2.png


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