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Stainless steel honeycomb plate
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Stainless steel honeycomb plate has a surface plate made of brushed stainless steel plate or smooth stainless steel plate, back plate is made of galvanized steel plate, and core material is made of aluminum honeycomb core, which is compounded by special adhesive.
Main features of stainless steel honeycomb plate are as follows:

1. Product specification:
Width: standard plate: 980 mm, 1180 mm;
Non standard board
Thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120150 mm;

2. Material selection:
a. The upper and lower surfaces are made of 1 x 304 / 2B stainless steel plate;
b. Core material is made of aluminum honeycomb, plates are compounded by heat curing adhesive in continuous molding machine under pressure that forms ultra-light construction material.
c. Side steel strip adopts 0.5mm galvanized sheet;

3. Main features:
It can be widely used in clean-rooms, workshops, cold storages, sport halls, warehouses, exhibition halls, activity rooms, large amusement parks, etc. It has become 21st century new environmentally friendly material.
a. Light, novel, beautiful appearance, no need to decorate the surface.
b. High strength, stiffness, stability, impact resistance, seismic performance, economical, long life, can be used for enclosure, weight structure, houses without beams and columns.
c. Good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation.
d. Prefabrication degree is high, erecting period can be shortened by 40% compared with traditional method.
e. Non-combustible material, good fire resistance, can meet any fire rating.
Light weight, low installation load, large area per piece, high flatness, hard to deform, high safety factor, good sound insulation and thermal insulation performance.
Low cost, good quality, price lower than 2mm stainless steel sheet, but higher flatness than 3mm stainless sheet.
Stainless steel honeycomb plate has strong corrosion resistance.
Stainless steel object will be in service for many years. This durability playing a significant role in developing more sustainable society: improving energy efficiency, reducing pollution, reducing materials. In addition, value of all alloying elements (not just nickel) provides strong motivation to recycle them and reuse for production of stainless steel. In fact, stainless steel has the highest recycling rate of all materials. The only factor limiting stainless steel recycling is that so many stainless steel projects are still in use after many years.
Some characteristics of stainless steel honeycomb make it one of fast growing materials and important solution for world's sustainability challenges.
It is used for manufacturing ventilation waveguide windows, shielding ventilation and heat dissipations, cooling towers of power plant, for cooling and filtering, for electromechanical platforms, for supporting compression and weight reduction, for automobile exhaust pipes. Product has function of silencing, fire protection, high temperature resistance and even wind resistant. It is used for platforms of high-power laser cutting machine, it resists high temperature and used in textile equipment to even wind (especially suitable for equipment with fast wind speed)
It is widely used in all kinds of high temperature conditions, for shielding, ventilation, resist air and other related products.



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