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7 First C919 domestic passenger aircraft from Honeycomb and other composite products will be soon presented for aviation service
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According to news from China International composite materials exhibition, the first large domestic aircraft from honeycomb and other composite products for will obtain airworthiness certificate in Shanghai .

Development of C919 aircraft began in 2008, final assembly was completed on November 2, 2015, and first flight was successfully launched on May 5, 2017. At present, there are six C919 aircrafts on forensic flight test.



According to aviation circles C919 is equivalent to most wide-spread aircraft types in the world, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. Project gathered 815 orders from 28 customers, among which China Eastern Airlines - the first user in the world.




On November 27, 2020, review meeting of C919 aircraft about its inspection and approval documents was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. CAAC Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center issued the first inspection approval (TIA) for C919 project.

It means that configuration of C919 aircraft is in order, aircraft structure is verified, state of each aircraft system fulfills requirements and verified that ensure safety and effectiveness during approval flight test; at the same time, it also marks that C919 aircraft officially entered approval flight test stage of the CAAC.


It is reported that type inspection certificate is issued by the head of type certification and examination group, that allows examination representative (including appointed representatives) to carry out examination before flight test, check test area, carry flight test on aircraft prototype and check all related documents .

It is key links for commercial aircraft to obtain airworthiness certification and type inspection approval to carry out CAAC certification flight test. According to CAAC's “Regulations on certification of civil aviation products and parts” (department CCAR 21), before CAAC's certification flight test,  applicant shall indicate to CAAC that aircraft meets relevant structural requirements of airworthiness regulations, has completed necessary basic inspection and tests, has conducted flight test and submitted reports.

During development project of C919 passenger aircraft, principle of safety first and steady progress was the main. At present, all of six C919 test aircraft have been put into examination flight test work. In Yanliang of Shaanxi, Nanchang of Jiangxi, Dongying of Shandong, Xilinhot of Inner Mongolia, Turpan of Xinjiang and Dunhuang of Gansu. Flutter / aerodynamic servo elasticity, stall, airspeed calibration, operation in high temperature and humidity conditions, whole aircraft liquid discharge were main subjects during flight tests; carried out series of ground verification tests, R & D flight test and compliance flight test, verified power plant, flight control system, hydraulic landing gear, avionics and electrical system; completed all static tests including 2.5G limit load static test, which laid the foundation for carrying out certification flight test.


In the future, six C919 aircraft under flight test will steadily carry out more intensive flight test tasks in accordance with the plan, comprehensively verify safety and reliability of C919 aircraft, that will do a good job for airworthiness regulations compliance verification.

The latest news shows that in 2021, China's large domestic aircraft C919 will be delivered to airlines service after obtaining airworthiness certificate.

In case of accident absence, the first C919 should be delivered to China Eastern Airlines.
China Eastern Airlines, headquartered in Shanghai, is the first user of C919 in the world. As member of CAAC "national team" and central civil aviation enterprise in the same city as COMAC, large domestic aircraft manufacturer China Eastern Airlines has always supported development of national aviation industry and took it as one of its most important responsibilities, becoming the first customer of C919 in the world, training and providing the first crew for C919, and accompanying the first flight of C919. China Eastern has never been aside from growth of domestic civil aircraft.

In 2010, China Eastern signed purchase intention of 20 C919 aircrafts; on November 1, 2016, China Eastern signed cooperation framework agreement with COMAC at 11th China International Aviation and aerospace Expo, becoming the first user of C919 aircraft in the world; on August 30, 2019, China Eastern signed “ARJ21-700 aircraft sale and purchase agreement” with COMAC in Beijing.


Therefore, it is natural that China Eastern Airlines to be delivered the first C919, while China Eastern Airlines may allow its subsidiary 123 Airlines to operate.


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