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As a special composite material, honeycomb products becoming new type of civil material during recent years
Release time:2021-02-23 15:57:00 Click:409

As a special type of composite material, honeycomb products becoming a new type of civil material in recent years. Because of its light weight, fire resistance, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, saving a lot of aluminum and stone material characteristics it is called revolution in material industry. Honeycomb composites have better specific strength and stiffness, greater fatigue resistance and smooth surface. Its application involves architectural decoration, furniture, electrical appliances, energy sources, railway, automobile production, shipbuilding, aerospace and many other fields.

Along with sustained and rapid growth of China's national economy during the 12th Five Year Plan, China's aerospace, construction, decoration, high-speed railway, automobile and other industries have achieved rapid progress. In addition, transfer of international related industries to Asia made China a world manufacturing center. There is no doubt that continuous growth of mentioned industries will provide broad market space for honeycomb composite materials.



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