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Beecore Suzhou Honeycomb Materials Co., Ltd. was awarded with the title of National high and new tech enterprise
Release time:2017-02-23 15:52:21 Click:474

In 2017, Beecore Suzhou Honeycomb Materials Co, Ltd. was put in the list of "National high and new tech enterprises" jointly issued by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Jiangsu Provincial Finance Bureau, State Administration of Taxation and Jiangsu provincial taxation Bureau, marking that Beecore Suzhou Honeycomb Material Co., Ltd. officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises. At present new certificate is under review.

High tech enterprise is special qualification accreditation established by the state to support and encourage development of enterprises in the field of high-tech, adjust industrial structure and enhance national economic competitiveness.

Title of high-tech enterprises means that company's independent scientific and technological innovation potential, R & D investment, scientific and technological talents, and achievement transformation level fully recognized by relevant national units. Such status improves company position in the industry and improves brand image.

At the same time, high-tech enterprises enjoy many preferential policies, such as 15% corporate income tax rate, special government financial incentives, bank loan discount, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, and bonus points for employees, which play significant role in improving quality and efficiency of the company.
Beecore Suzhou Honeycomb Materials Co., Ltd. will keep the concept of innovation and scientific development, increase investment in scientific research, enrich development potential of the enterprise, strengthen the ability of technological innovation and achievement transformation, vigorously enhance competitiveness of enterprises, and provide strong technical support for high-quality development of the company.



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